Thursday, November 19, 2009


Recently, I helped my Mom move, and I wound up with a box of treasures from my Dad's time in the Navy.

He is in this picture below. Hint: he's the whitest guy in the group, which is one reason why his nickname was Whitey. I was also called Whitey for a time in grade school, not only because I was the blondest kid in class, but also because there were about 3 or 4 other girls named Heidi.

He was stationed on the USS Courtney and traveled around South America.

Here's a map (from the inside cover of the book above) that shows the destinations and the dates they were there.

Dad hung out with a guy named Spoonamore (I love that name!) and they played chess and whist during their down time.

I love my Dad, but I am so, SO very glad I did not get his ears.

This book shows what goes on during training. Yikes.

I also wound up taking three chess sets home. The other two are just pieces in a box and a paper chess board.

Don't they look CRANKY???

I am so glad this note was in the box.
"Ivory nut
S. America '59"


StefRobrts said...

Very cool!

Grandma L said...

Loved the post. Those ears on your Dad just made him all the cuter.
I couldn't spot Whitey in that group picture, but who was the black sheep in the middle of it?

Amy said...

Definitely some very cool treasures!