Friday, November 20, 2009


I went digging around in Dad's Navy box again today.
I found many slides and was dismayed about trying to look at them until I found:

What a neat little gadget! You slip the slide in the slot...

and press down to make it light up!

With my camera on the macro setting, I was able to get shots of some of the slides.

Some of them were labeled. This one said, "Londonderry".

This one was labeled, "The Idiot". Not sure why...

And this one bore the labeling of "Seasick".
I wonder if that's how Dad felt when taking this picture?


"The dizzy angle".
Boy, it sure is!!!

"Mountains anyone?"

"Break in a storm"

"Rough seas on USS S. B. Roberts"
Here's the website for the ship! If you click on "about us" 

and then click on "history",
you will see that there were two ships.
The first one sank.
Pretty sure the one in the photo below is DD-823,
seeing as how Dad was 7 years old when the DE-413 sank.

"Water over the side"


I looked up "Lantflex" and all I could find was that it was some sort of operation and there were several of them through the 50's and 60's.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Recently, I helped my Mom move, and I wound up with a box of treasures from my Dad's time in the Navy.

He is in this picture below. Hint: he's the whitest guy in the group, which is one reason why his nickname was Whitey. I was also called Whitey for a time in grade school, not only because I was the blondest kid in class, but also because there were about 3 or 4 other girls named Heidi.

He was stationed on the USS Courtney and traveled around South America.

Here's a map (from the inside cover of the book above) that shows the destinations and the dates they were there.

Dad hung out with a guy named Spoonamore (I love that name!) and they played chess and whist during their down time.

I love my Dad, but I am so, SO very glad I did not get his ears.

This book shows what goes on during training. Yikes.

I also wound up taking three chess sets home. The other two are just pieces in a box and a paper chess board.

Don't they look CRANKY???

I am so glad this note was in the box.
"Ivory nut
S. America '59"