Saturday, October 20, 2012

I have a weird cat and other ramblings

Alright, I confess.
I eat Cheez-its.
I know I should stop, but I figure they're probably a better alternative than potato chips.

Trouble is, I have to fight my cat, Corkie, for them.
My daughter got HIM hooked on Cheez-its, too.


Corkie also likes to do this:

And this:

We just had a weird rain storm roll through. The lighting was rather cool, so I grabbed my camera:

And the pumpkins from my garden:

On the weight-loss front, I had a good day. I DECIDED to not eat potato chips today. I walked to the shop this morning and rode hubby's bike home this afternoon. He drove today because it's been raining crazy hard at times. I've decided that I will walk/bike in the rain... though if it's coming down in buckets and there's no sign of it letting up any time soon, then I'll drive. Today I lucked out. It stopped raining long enough for me to get to the shop, then poured. And it stopped raining before I was to leave. emoticon

Friday, October 19, 2012

Back on track

I've been slowly getting back on track to fitness. The hamstring is, for the most part, healed. I gained back a total of 14 pounds and am now down 5, so... in reality I maintained around 168. Not bad, considering the bouts of depression about not being able to move. Luckily, the bouts were short lived.

What I've done so far in 2012:

* Went to camp

* Three 5Ks;
---------The Bigfoot Run (no picture)
---------The Jordon Crouch Run

---------Race for the Homeless.

* Walked/bicycled over 400 miles (I didn't keep track of mileage the first part of the year, so I'm sure the number is way higher but I don't feel like going back and re-tracking.)

* Climbed a MOUNTAIN

* Managed to get back to running for 3 to 7 minutes at a time, depending on how the hip is doing

* Motorcycled about 4,000 miles. My confidence level is MUCH higher.

* Did my first PGR mission this past week. I hope to do more.

Goals for the rest of 2012:
Continue with a whole foods/non processed foods way of eating 90% of the time
Walk/bike in ALL weather- I WILL NOT MELT!
Oct 27- Zombie Walk
Oct 28 to Nov 3- Trick or Treat Trot
Nov 22- 9am- Turkey Trot
Nov 25- Hot Buttered Run (?)
Dec 21- 160 pounds
Run a mile in one chunk
Walk/bicycle a total of 750 miles for the year 2012- try for 30 miles a week

Goals for 2013:
Continue with a whole foods/non processed foods way of eating 90% of the time
Walk/bike in ALL weather- I WILL NOT MELT!!!!
Hike Multnomah Falls
Hike Latourell Falls
Tree to Tree adventure Park
Motorcycle at least 3000 miles
Bike/walk 1500 miles for the year
Mar 1- 150 pounds
March 17- Shamrock Run
April- Start triathlon training
May 10- 140 (Original Goal!! Reassess weight loss)
June- Bigfoot 5K
July- Crouch Run
July- Pineapple Classic (need a team)
July 19- 130?
July 20- Run for your lives
July- Triathlon- Girlfriends and dudes
Aug- Homeless Run
Aug- Every Girl's Half Marathon & 5K
Sept- Kiss me Dirty (need a team)
Sept- K Rod
Oct- Run like hell Portland
Oct- Zombie Walk
Oct to Nov- Trick or Treat Trot
Nov 22, 9am- Turkey Trot
Nov 25- Hot Buttered Run

Now, I realize that there's no way I can possibly do ALL of the above events. But I'd like to do as many as possible. I'm trying very hard to stay active, especially through the winter since that is my toughest time as far as staying positive and upbeat. I really should have been a bear... or move to a sunnier climate. But neither are possible, so I will do the best I can.

Another huge issue- JUNK FOOD. I've been doing really well, overall, about eating "clean" the majority of the time. Every once in awhile I will slide and I've got to stop beating myself up about it. I need to get back to what I was doing before- DECIDING to eat the junk food. When I make it a conscious decision, I can eat a serving then get on with life. Or even turn away from it. Luckily, I don't have a whole lot of junk food around me right now. If I don't have access to it, I can't eat it.

I didn't get to do my workout yesterday, so I've made plans to pick up the slack today: bike 5 miles, walk/run 4 miles.
Saturday's plan: walk 4 miles
Sunday: walk 4 miles
Monday: bike 8 miles, walk/run 1mile, ST
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: rest or bike 9 miles/swim .5 mile
Thursday: bike 8 miles, walk/run 1 mile, ST
Friday: walk 4 miles

Seems like a lot, but I've had weeks where all of the above was accomplished. If I keep it up and stay within calorie range, the weight and inches will come off.

Quick edit* I had to alter my workout for today:
walk/run 2 miles
bike 8 miles
My hip started hurting, so called it quits at 2 miles but made up for the miles on the bike.
Normally when I do a 4 mile walk, it's in two 2 mile increments so I have time to stretch and rest in between.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Everyone has challenges. Some you can see right away. Some aren't noticeable until you listen to the person or watch them awhile. And still others are invisible to you.

Some people whine about how their challenges aren't fair, that there's no possible way they can live with what they are up against. Others accept the hand Fate has dealt them and figure out how to live life around the challenge.

At the gym I often see a man who has challenges that are clearly visible. He would be considered a dwarf, short in stature as well as short limbs. I can do 5 laps to his one for he obviously has trouble walking. Add to that the fact that he has sight problems. He uses a blind cane to help him figure out where he is.

But despite these challenges, he still goes to the gym to walk and swim. Whenever I see him, I mentally thank him for making my problems seem so trivial. I have a headache? Waa, take some pain meds. My hamstring is hurting? At least it's healing and the challenge will eventually go away.


Suck it up and deal with it.