Thursday, April 19, 2012


Everyone has challenges. Some you can see right away. Some aren't noticeable until you listen to the person or watch them awhile. And still others are invisible to you.

Some people whine about how their challenges aren't fair, that there's no possible way they can live with what they are up against. Others accept the hand Fate has dealt them and figure out how to live life around the challenge.

At the gym I often see a man who has challenges that are clearly visible. He would be considered a dwarf, short in stature as well as short limbs. I can do 5 laps to his one for he obviously has trouble walking. Add to that the fact that he has sight problems. He uses a blind cane to help him figure out where he is.

But despite these challenges, he still goes to the gym to walk and swim. Whenever I see him, I mentally thank him for making my problems seem so trivial. I have a headache? Waa, take some pain meds. My hamstring is hurting? At least it's healing and the challenge will eventually go away.


Suck it up and deal with it.

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