Sunday, March 28, 2010

Been BUSY!!!

Lots going on around here! Mostly work.
I'm loving my job.
The baby is a hoot to play with.

Isn't she a DOLL?!?!

I had a birthday.
Thanks, Dawn, for the balloons...

...all 40 of them.
And a St. Patrick's Day party at Dorinda's,
where my Magenta Mates literally showered me with gifts.
Awww... thanks, guys!

And lately... I just haven't been feeling like myself....

Oh... maybe that's why. :)
Aren't we LOVELY?!?!

Yup.... busy.


Mer said...

Hey! I made it onto your blog. That must mean I am famous. I will now go celebrate. ;)

Amy said...

Did I miss something?! What are the last two photos from???