Saturday, October 20, 2012

I have a weird cat and other ramblings

Alright, I confess.
I eat Cheez-its.
I know I should stop, but I figure they're probably a better alternative than potato chips.

Trouble is, I have to fight my cat, Corkie, for them.
My daughter got HIM hooked on Cheez-its, too.


Corkie also likes to do this:

And this:

We just had a weird rain storm roll through. The lighting was rather cool, so I grabbed my camera:

And the pumpkins from my garden:

On the weight-loss front, I had a good day. I DECIDED to not eat potato chips today. I walked to the shop this morning and rode hubby's bike home this afternoon. He drove today because it's been raining crazy hard at times. I've decided that I will walk/bike in the rain... though if it's coming down in buckets and there's no sign of it letting up any time soon, then I'll drive. Today I lucked out. It stopped raining long enough for me to get to the shop, then poured. And it stopped raining before I was to leave. emoticon

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