Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gettin' back to it.

I'd forgotten how much fun I had snapping pictures and posting them here. 
There's a lot I need to get back to doing that I miss. 
I'm slowly integrating those things back into my life, photography being one of them.

I went on a quick tour of my own backyard and this is what I found:

A cute squirrel who wanted nothing to do with me and ran off as soon as I clicked a pic.

These pumpkins were volunteers. 
They sprouted up out of a compost section, so I just let them grow. 
This guy is huge!

Found some daisies growing through the fence.

We're going to have grapes coming out our ears this year. 
I need to get my hands on some canning jars so I can make some grape jelly.

I found a bird's nest up in the arbor. 
It hadn't been used in some time, so I pulled it down to get a better look.

And a far off shot of our "Grape Monster".
It's four plants, two on our side, two on the neighbors side.
We built semi-matching arbors and whatever is growing on your side of the fence belongs to you.
We've done that with all the stuff we've grown. 
Last year I even enticed a pumpkin plant to w
wander through the fence so the neighbor kids could 
have a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.

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