Thursday, November 6, 2008


My cat (well, actually KELSIE'S cat) Corkie makes me laugh on a daily basis. Not only does he ask me for a toy by sitting in front of the drawer and looking up expectantly, he will alsoplay fetch with it after he chooses which one he wants.

If I happen to be sitting here at the computer and I'm not paying attention when he brings the toy, he will put a paw up on the seat and tap my hip with the other paw.

He also loves to shove all his toys under the couch. When the toy drawer is empty, we have to tip the couch up to get the toys and boy, does he LOVE to watch that!

He also absolutely LOVES tissue paper.

And burrowing under the covers or snuggling with his adopted brother.

He's also quite the ham for the camera.

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StefRobrts said...

Your kitties are SO CUTE!!! :)