Monday, May 11, 2009

68 SQ FT conquered

Thanks to the weather, I was finally able to get out and work on the back yard.
It's taken us 5 years to beat out the jungle, take down two trees and rip out a huge photinia hedge, with the help of a windstorm.

We have managed to conquer about 68 square feet to the point where all we have is upkeep. Only 2,466 square feet left to go. (sigh...)

The far left bed has a grape plant (pictured below) along with lettuce and onion seeds.

The middle bed has another grape plant (below) along with radish, carrot and a couple broccoli seeds.

And the far right bed, when it's finally got dirt in it, will house strawberries! Yum!

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Amy said...

Congrats! We've been doing battle with our yard as well. The progress feels great, huh? :)