Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wind in the Willows

I got to see the book for WIW yesterday!!!

This is Act 1, Scene 1- Outside Toad Hall

Act 1, Scene 20- the Limo
In this picture (click on it for a bigger version) can you find
The Magenta Theater
Slagle St.
Allison Ave.?
Allison is my Assistant Director/Stage Manager.

Act 1, Scene 3- The Dungeon

Act 2, Scene 1- The Train
As you can see, this one isn't finished yet.

I am so excited about this show!!!


StefRobrts said...

I'm excited about it too! You've got quite a cast, and the book looks awesome! This is really going to be something special!

Amy said...

This is awesome! Love both the street names & that our theater's in there as well. So cute! :) Do you mind if I post the two finished ones on Magenta's blog as a "sneak peak?"