Saturday, December 6, 2008

About the previous blog...

First of, I need to apologize to someone. I'm sorry you thought part of my blog was about you specifically. It's not.

Secondly, I realize now it was in bad form to have even posted that section. I apologize to everyone who read it and thought that I must be an awful gossip. I will try to be better about the content of my blogs from now on.

I'm sorry.


dotoner said...

love you Heidi! It takes a big person to spill their guts on a public blog and and even bigger one to apologize! You are an example to us all!

Jaynie Roberts said...

Um, hello.....sorta been outside the loop on offended someone and I didn't know about it? I bet it was me you offended, right? Dangola.....what did I do this time?