Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pig rotten potatoes

I've had Kelsie's hearing checked several times in the last few years. She passes every test with flying colors and I'm told there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hearing.

She's proven that several times when she has repeated what Martin and I were whispering about here in the living room even though she was sequestered away in her bedroom with the door closed.

So, since her hearing is fine, I have to assume that it's her LISTENING that sucks bricks.

Case in point:

Yesterday evening she called me from Firstenburg to come pick her up from swimming. She then asked what was for dinner.

I replied, "Au Gratin potatoes."

She squealed, "PIG ROTTEN POTATOES?!?!?!"


Yup, hearing is fine, listening sucks.

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dotoner said...

lol rolling on floor - reading aloud to eric lol, ouch oh sigh!