Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Feeling kinda down today. Not entirely sure why. My irritation level is up, too. The walk this morning helped, thank goodness.

Kelsie bounded in last night and said,
"I know what I want for my birthday! A party on the 17th!"

(Dumbfounded stare)

"You know, just a little group of people. We could have it here! Or maybe at Mountain View Ice Area!"

(Blink. Blink)

"So, CAN I???"

(DEEEEEP breath) "Kelsie, look at the calendar. Who would be here to help you host a party?"


(Blink. Blink.) "Try again."


"He WORKS Saturdays, REMEMBER???"

"OH. Well, could you do it?"

"I have rehearsal on Saturdays, REMEMBER???"

"Well, you won't be there ALL DAY."

"Uh, yeah, actually, I WILL be there all day the 17th. We're doing ComedySportz. Says so on the CALENDAR."

"Oh. (Pouting) You never let me do ANYTHING!" (storm off to her room)

(Rolling eyes and sighing) "Why did I HAVE a kid?!?! WHY?!?!"

Hmmm... could THAT be why I feel irritated? Oh yeah....


Jaynie Roberts said...

Idea! How about Kelsey and her closest (few) friends come see the CSZ show?

dotoner said...

hey that could be really fun - especially if some of us in the 'know' let the Cs'ers know that it was her b-day ahead of time . . . . ???

annaliese said...

oh, I second (third, actually) that idea!!! it would be such fun to have Kelsey there for her birthday!