Friday, January 9, 2009


Why are men afraid to empty the lint trap on the dryer?

And why is it that every time I sit down at the computer, ONE of the cats has to come bug me??

I took advantage of the "non-rainy" weather to actually get outside to walk. I don't really like walking on a treadmill- it's mind-numbing.

So I went to a park and enjoyed listening to and watching the birds. I don't think I've ever seen so many robins in one place!

As I was trundling along, I crossed paths with a runner. I immediately envied her. I've always wanted to be a runner, pounding the pavement and keeping a fast steady pace without huffing and puffing. She smiled at me and said, "Hi." She wasn't even out of breath!!

Way back when I was a little kid and obese was a word I didn't know the meaning of, I couldn't run more than 50 yards without breaking into a coughing fit that would scare the playground teacher.

Now that I'm an adult and fit into the category of obese, there's no way I could run just 25 yards!

When I start coughing during an attack, it's embarrassing. People look at me funny and treat me as if I'm contagious. The sticky sputum that is created during an attack has no where to go but UP. And sometimes there's so much, it has to go OUT. I've had plenty of practice spitting! And being part redneck, I can hawk 'em pretty far! (This is why I don't really like to exercise around people.)

Even if I could run in my current state of largeness, it would be something reminiscent of the liquid in a lava lamp. Blurb, blurb, blurb.

My asthma could be much, much worse. From wikipedia:
During very severe attacks, an asthma sufferer can turn blue from lack of oxygen, and can experience chest pain or even loss of consciousness."

I'm thankful I don't suffer chest pain or lose consciousness. While my asthma is a pain, it's tolerable. Maybe I'll get to be a runner up in Heaven. :)


StefRobrts said...

Well your walking inspired me to get out and walk more, I've been out twice this week, which is pretty good. I hope to keep it up, even if it is cold and miserable out!

I envy runners too, but I doubt I'll be joining them anytime soon.

annaliese said...

that you DO exercise, despite many medical reasons that would qualify as good excuses to stay on your butt is just as admirable as any non-out-of-breath runner to me :)

dotoner said...

hear hear! I so have jogger envy - right up until I try to jog. Forget it! My shins are not made for running!!