Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day three

Day three of the new job and both me and Baby are down with a bad cold. :(

What a FUN kid she is! We've already had a few adventures. I'm really enjoying this job.

This morning, the older brother, Bryce, stayed home from school with a fever. He's got it, too.

He was in the office with his dad when I heard Eric (the dad) saying "There's a deer in our yard!!"

I grabbed my camera and...

Sure enough!

It's Mama was in the yard across the street. That's the best my little point and shoot could do through the window.


StefRobrts said...

Where are you that they have deer wandering through their yard?!

annaliese said...

aw! he is sooo cute! we had three in our yard yesterday and I only had my phone on me--I am going to try to post the pics--but yours are tons better :)

feel better soon!

Mer said...

Glad you are enjoying you new job so much! :)