Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick blog

Haven't updated in a bit... so will do a quick one before heading to work.

Ah, work. At this point it should be called "Play". I get to play with a 6 month old girl practically all day. And what an EASY kid she is! She is happy to sit and play for 30 minutes at a time!

The only thing she does NOT like is tummy time. Her and I are going to go rounds with that. The Dad is glad I'm going to have her do tummy time. I guess she wasn't getting it at the day care they had her in.

I know for sure I have (at least) two hummers that visit my feeder, one male and one female. The dark headed one is male. He has a little flash of red on his throat, but it's not visible in this photo. The lighting wasn't wonderful and the flash on the camera kept scaring him away. The female, on the other hand... seemed to LOVE the flash and would almost pose for the camera.

Alright! Off to PLAY!

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annaliese said...

love your pictures of these little guys! and so glad you are enjoying your job :)