Monday, January 11, 2010

Insert Witty Title Here

It was a blah sort of day. Woke with an upset stomach which totally derailed the day's plans.
Ah, well.

I was feeling better by this afternoon and decided to take a walk outside. I didn't realize how cold it was, so I didn't do the 2 miles I had been planning. Instead, I did a mile and tried to beat my time from the last walk I took outside. I had to be careful, though. The cold air is an asthma trigger.

Not only did I beat my time by about a minute, I didn't start an asthma attack until I got home and was immediately able to hop in a hot steamy shower to combat it. Yay for me!

While I was outside, I noticed that the bulbs are already sprouting!!

I guess no one gave them the memo that it's still the middle of winter!

I had an interview yesterday. I felt it went really well and am hopeful that they will see me fit to nanny their darling little girl. :)
Will have to wait and see.

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annaliese said...

love the new sprout pics--and am praying that you get the job!!!