Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm going to get on my soap box for a bit.

If you don't like soap box posts, then you might want to skip this one.

I go to Planned Parenthood to get my birth control pills. They're cheaper and I can buy several packs at a time, which allows me to continuous cycle. The cramps have gotten to be debilitating enough to warrant continuous cycling, but my prescription plan will only allow me one pack a month... uhhhmmm... yeah. The math just doesn't work that way.

At any rate, whenever I go, there's usually people out at the opening of the parking lot. Today was no different:

Honestly, I just wanted to go up and slap them. And then ask them, "Who are YOU to take away MY right to choose?"

I also wanted to add, "Instead of sitting here on your asses, why don't you go inside, pick a scared girl and try to help her through this, try to somehow make her life better instead of telling her how lousy she would be for choosing to end a pregnancy that will change her life, potentially for the worse! You want her to keep the baby? FINE! Help her with schooling! Help her get a job to earn money to raise this baby. Be a MENTOR if she chooses to adopt it out! But don't sit here on your asses and tell me how to run my life."

Now, I don't condone using abortion as a means of birth control. If you don't want a kid, do something about it BEFORE hand.

But if a girl comes in, pregnant of no fault of her own (rape, incest... sadly, it DOES happen), then yes, the option should be there.

Or if the pregnancy were to somehow harm the mother or put her life in danger. Then yes, let her have that choice.

Just don't take the choice away from all of us.

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StefRobrts said...

I'm with you completely on that one. If a woman and her doctor need to make a decision, I don't think they should have to go out and justify it by running it past the guys on the sidewalk first. No matter how right they think they are.

In Yakima they regularly had marches where they'd carry giant color signs with posters of aborted fetuses to wave in everyone's face as they were driving by - I found the whole thing extremely offensive.