Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I start my new job on Monday the 25th. I've been looking around the east side of town to see what there is to do with a 6 month old. Not a whole lot. Hoping her mom doesn't mind if I take her a bit further west for a bit of fun. :)

I did 45 minutes on the treadmill. Got a pic of it, but haven't uploaded it as yet. Will do that tomorrow. It's almost time for bed.

Found a lovely little website, thanks to Merilee.
If you click on Meal Planner (on the left), input your information, it will take you to another page where it tells you how much of each food group you should eat. You can then input the foods you've eaten and it will fill up the chart and show you how much you've eaten and how much you have left. It will also count calories and fat for you. :) I'm very visual in this respect, so this has been extremely helpful.

Alright, bedtime. I hope to catch a picture of the male hummer that's been visiting my feeder. He's FAST, that one is!

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Mer said...

Glad the website is helping out. I can't even remember when I blogged about that. :)