Thursday, January 7, 2010

I noticed a little bird hovering around my sliding glass door, so on a whim I pulled out a hummingbird feeder, mixed up the nectar and hung it up. Sure enough, an Anna's hummingbird started hanging around.

I even got a video of her.
I tried embedding it, but for some reason, it wouldn't work.

I love how she grabs the flower with her feet and just sort of hovers there. Eventually, I'd like to get another feeder, one with a perch. It might make it easier to snap pictures of her.

I was driving around town and happened to glance at the vehicle next to me. I cracked up.

And then, at my destination, I saw this poor car and the dog in the back seat. Before I snapped this, he HAD been laying down with his head resting on the back of the seat. As soon as I put the camera up, though, he started barking.
I only got one shot.
Because I ran.

It's so tough to get pictures of Nigel. He's just so BLACK that all the light just gets sucked into him. I got lucky on this shot. Too bad there's a box in the way. He was rubbing his face on it, as he so loves to do!

Nigel really is a loving cat, although if you ever come to visit, he will run away and hide. If you come often enough, he will MAYBE come out to see what's going on. He has finally decided that he sort of likes my neighbor Kim and my friend Dawn.
He is definitely my little shadow, though! He will follow me all over the house.

And he loves to give me head butts (his head is SOLID) and nose kisses. Every once in awhile, he'll get carried away and nom on my nose. Ow.


StefRobrts said...

Great video. The wings look amazing! I rarely see hummers out here, maybe we should put food out just in case :)

annaliese said...

such great animal photos! love the huge dog in the car--looks like he ate his way out :)

Amy said...

Karl would be so jealous about the hummer! :)